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The Registration is free and the expenses of food (meals and drinks) during the workshop will be covered. Furthermore, the committee can support a portion of participants with their accommodation and travel expenses, according to the submitted application materials. Please remember to tick the application box in the indico system, if you want to apply for financial support.

Please follow the four steps to make registration for the IWMC2024:

1) Log in to the IHEP Indico (IHEP SSO Account is needed, Click here to register IHEP SSO Account). If you already have the IHEP SSO Account, please proceed to step 3.
2) Create an indico profile for your account.
3) Register for IWMC2024 (Click the "Register Now" button).
4) Submit your application for workshop attendance.
The workshop will focus on magnetic structure determination, which request prior experience on magnetism and structure analysis method. The local organisation committee (LOC) will conduct the selection of the participants according to the submitted application. Please submit your application materials via Indicao system, after the registration.

Eligibility Requirement

• Basic knowledge of crystallography and magnetism;
• Experiences of profile refinements using software such as Fullprof, GSAS, etc.


1. a short CV, which should include professional information (job title, research institution, field of research, academic career...)*;
2. a motivation letter detailing the reasons to attend IWMC2024;
3. for students, an introduction/support letter from the supervisor or group leader is recommended.

*Note that the information will not be used for any other purposes other than this workshop.

After the selection process by LOC, applicants will be informed on the results of selection by email. The selected participants will be asked to confirm their participation in IWMC2024, no later than 1st of October.
For the applicants outside of China, you will probably need a valid passport and visa to enter China. Please check the visa information page, and apply for visa (if necessary) as soon as possible after confirming your attendance to IWMC2024.